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Hi! My name is ALISHA. These are my moments.
Can you tell what show I’m currently addicted too? I’ve been watching it for a week and Google Now is giving me updates on new content. Finished season 1 this morning and am super hyped for its brand new season starting next week. Blah blah blah…I’m done talking about ORPHAN BLACK…for now.
Also, recognize “Charles the First” by Jean-Michel Basquiat in the background. SAMO ain’t dead son!
Definitely just left the house for a few minutes not knowing that one of my sweatpant legs were stuck in my sock. Good thing I was only in the car.
Blue-green algae is an ingredient? Okay.
Google Now knows me so well. Broad City, Lakers and Chance the Rapper updates.
Pastrami Dip from The Hat. Only in America. ONLY in California.
Friday evenings are for jazz. Soon Friday nights will be for ultimate frisbee.